Songs for the Contract

Composition, performance, spherical video,
Non-Fungible Tokens, Smart Contracts
Presented on, April 2021

"Conceived as a labyrinth of interlinked rooms, Billy Bultheel’s Songs for The Contract is probably one of the more striking pieces to come out of the covid rush to digitise performance. A simple navigation system lets visitors shuffle between sequences of 360-degree footage almost like a video game, while the atmospheric quality of each vignette is perfectly attuned to the attention span of a browser. But it doesn’t just sound good, it’s also an economic experiment. Each of the nine rooms is designed to be sold as an NFT, while each performer maintains a permanent percentual share in all proceeds from the performance. When we sit down to discuss it over virtual dinner, I’m in Berlin and he’s in Athens already working on two new pieces. The following conversation has been reconstructed from countless freezes and cut offs."

Developed and performed with Alexander Iezzi, Steve Katona, Andi Stecher, Shade Théret

Digital dramaturg Calum Bowden

Creative technologist Everett Williams

Styling and gear Billy Lobos

Technical consultant Alessandro Bertelle

DAO developed in collaboration with Black Swan (Calum Bowden, Laura Lotti and Penny Rafferty

Blockchain technologist Billy Rennekamp

Thanks to Enad Marouf, Adam Hammad, Mads Kristian Frøslev, Julia Sjöllin, Lukas Ludwig

Supported by
Flanders State of the Art